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Historic, archived document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific l<nowledge, policies, or practices 


Washington, D. C. 

No. 1 

,®«» SA»*-« 




APPLES 4— 9 









FIGS 27 

FlI. BERTS 39 


FOREIGN 29—30 






PEARS 7. 9—17 

PEACHES 23—26 

PLUMS 19—22 





STRAWBERRIES...., 37-39 



I have no agents or peddlers connected with my establish- 
ment, and request all my patrons to have their Trees, Plants, 
&c., direct from the Nurseries. 



DescTiptiTB CatfilogiTB 







Nurseryman, Seed-grower, Florist ^ Importer, 

Seed Wap\ehouse, 
No. 621 7th Street, opposite U. S. Patent OflTice. 

Brinckloe & Marot, Book and Job Printers, 23 N. Sixth Street. 


John Saul's 


In presenting this edition of my Fruit Tree Catalogue to the public, I 
would observe many additions have been made to the various classes of 
Fruits, so as to include every novelty of merit, with all the well tested 
varieties. — 

My attention is constantly devoted to every phase of the business, with 
which I am practically conversant. Every care has been taken in obtain- 
ing fruits trees correct to name from the most reliable sources in this country 
and Europe; and*asall are grown under my personal supervision, I feel 
confident that the nomenclature is as near perfect as possible. The soil 
of the nurseries being new and fresh, and admirably adapted for tbe 
growth of trees and diflFusion of roots, the trees are of the most vigorous 
and healthy description. Those varieties of Apple, Pear, Peach &c., 
suitable for the middle, Southern, and Southwestern States, are extensively 
propagated; it being well known that many varieties, especially of the 
two former, which succeed well in the Northern States, do not retain their 
good qualities farther South. 

I shall be most happy to select for my patrons, when such is their 
wish the most desirable varieties of Fruit Trees for any soils localities or 

Packing is executed in a thorough and careful way, and by which thr'y 
will go to the most distant parts of the JJnited States or Europe with 
perfect safety; for which a charge is made sufficient to cover the expense. 
No charge is made for the delivery of goods in the city. 

Parties ordering should particularly state the route or conveyance they 
wish the goods forwarded by; omiiting to do this, they will be forwarded 
by the best known route; but I wish it to be understood, I assume no 
responsibility, after they are delivered to the forwarders. 

I employ no Agents or Pedlars, and cannot be answerable for any 
articles unless had direct from my establishment. — 

The terms of payment must invariably be cash. 


Washington City, D. C. 


The following Catalogues are jjublished, and sent gratis to all applicants : 

No. 1. — A Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit Trees, &c. 

No. 2. — Catalogue of Garden, Agricultural and Flower Seeds. 

No. 3 — Wholesale Catalogue, or Trade List, published every autumn. 

No. 4 — Curalogue of Ornamental Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs, &c. 

No. 5. — Descriptive Catalogue of a selection of Roses. 

No. 6. — Dj.-criptive Catalogue of new, rare and beautiful Phnits, Dahlias, 

Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, Fuchsias, Carnations, &c., &c. 

Published February 1st. 

Descriitive Catalogue of Fruits, &:;. 3 


The many excellent treatise? on Fruit tree culture, which have appeared 
"within the la.-t few years — one or njore of which should be in the hands of 
every person intending to plant — renders it almost unnecessary to give any 
directions for planting, yet I am so frequently asked for advice in this 
way. that I have concluded to offer a few brief remarks. 

The situation of the orchard having been decided on, the ground should 
the season previous be prepared by manuring, and the cultivation of some 
green or vegetable crops,— Clover or field Peas plou^ihed under when 
green is excellent, so that the ground uiay be in thorough good order,— it 
should b^ deeply ploughed and subsoiled. The holes should be dug three 
to four feet in diameter and eighteen inches in depth; examine the roots 
careful'y and all mutilated or bruised parts cut off; break the top soil 
down into the holes and the same with some well prepared compost, 
should be carefully worked in between every root, and fibre, filliner up 
every crevice. — that every root may be in contact with the soil, making 
the wliole quite firm. The tree, when planted, should stand about the 
same height as it stood in the Nursery, or a few inches higher, allowing for 
the settling down of the soil. It should al.-o be securek staked to prevent 
rocking about, chafing, kc. 

I The tops had better be shortened more or less in proportion to size and 
varietv of tree. 

Treatment of Trees received in Winter during Frost. 

The bundles or boxes of trees as received should be placed in a cellar or 
some place where the frost cannot penetrate, and remain there until a 
thaw takes place, and then be unpacked and planted; with this treatment 
even if they aie frozen through when received, they will not sustain the 
least injury. 

Distance between Trees in Orchards. 

Standard Apples, 30 feet apart each way. In poor soils 2-5 feet is suffi- 
tandard Pears and Cherries, 18 to 20 feet apart each w.iy, except Duk( 
and Morello for which 1-5 ieet is ample. 


Standard Plums, Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines, 15 to IS feet apart 

each way. 
Quinces. ]<) to 12 feet apart -each way. 

Pyramidal x\pples, Pears. Cherries and Plums, 8 to 10 feet apart each 
Dwarf Apples, (bushes) 5 to G feet apart. 
Currants and Gooseberries, 3 to 4 feet apart each way. 
Raspberries in rows, 5 fieet apart, and 2 leet apart in the row. 

Number of Trees on an Acre at various distances. 

At 4 feet apart each way, 


.. 5 


" 6 


U g 




" 12 " " 


At 15 feet apart each way, 


.. 18 


" 20 " " 


U 9^ K (( 


u 30 


John Saul's 



^ In the following list none will be found but well proved standard varie- 
ties. Much care has been taken in collecting and cultivating those var- 
ieties of Apple which are known to succeed well in the Middle and 
southern fetates. 

Price—Standard trees for Orchards, 5 to 7 feet, 25 cents each, $15 per 100 
Dwarf trees on Paradise and Doucin stocks, 2 yrs from bud, 50 cts. each. 
^c>. do. do. 1 3^ear, 25 cents each. 

Do. do. Extra size, extra price. 

Dwarf Apple. 

Class First— Summer Apples. 

American Summer Pearmain — medium size, oblong, striped with motley 

red, tender subacid highly flavored. July to August. 
Astrachan Red — large roundish, deep crimson, overspread with a thick 

bloom, juicy rich, acid. July. 
Benoni— medium size, roundish, oblong, deep red, flesh juicy, tender and 

rich- July. 
Bough, Large sweet (Large Yellow Bough) — large size, light yellow, 

tender, sweet and juicy. Jul5^ 
Carolina Red June — size small or medium, dark red, flesh white, tender 

Early Harvest — medium^ size to large, pale yellow, tender subacid rich, 

fine flavored, ripens in succession, a superb apple, July. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 5 

Early Strawberry (Red Strawberry)— size medium, covered with deep red, 
tender melting, with a mild fine flavor ; good bearer. July. 

Golden Sweeting— size large, yellow, a fair very fine sweet apple; a pro- 
fuse bearer. 

Myers — size large, juicy, sweet, and rich. July to August. 

Primate (Rough and Ready)— medium size, yellow, with a blush on the 
sunny side, tender, juicy, rich, and fine ; an excellent bearer. July and 

Sops of Wine — size medium, oblong, deep crimson, flesh stained with red, 
juicy, subacid, very distinct; a profuse bearer. August. 

Summer Rose — medium size, roundish oblate, yellowish ground, with a 
red cheek, tender, crisp, juicy, subacid ; a good bearer. July.^ 

Surammer Queen — l;irge, conical, striped and shaded with red, rich and 
fine flavored. July. 

William's Favorite — large, oblong, dark red, rich and excellent; bears 
abundantly. July. 

Class Second — Autumn Apples. 

Autumn Strawberry (late Strawberry) — size medium, streaked with hght 

and dark red, tender, juicy, and fine; productive, excellent. Sept. 
Dutchess of Oldenburg — large, roundish, striped with red and yellow, 

tender, juicy, and rich ; an early and abundant bearer. September. 
Fall Pippin — largest size, roundish oblong, yellow, flesh tender, rich and 

delicious ; a very popular variety. October to December. 
Gravenstein — largest size, roundish, yellow, striped with light and deep 

red, tender, crisp and high flavored; bears young and abundantly. 

September and October. 
Gloucester White — medium size, roundish, oblate, fine yellow, flesh yellow, 

juicy, rich, aromatic; very productive. October. 
Hawthornden — a very beautiful Scotch apple, medium, to large, pale yellow 

with red cheek; very productive; excellent for cooking. 
Harrison of Montgomery Co. — large, elongated conical, striped with bright 

red, tender, juicy, subacid; productive, very popular; an excellent 

sort. October. 
Hopkins Red — large, elongated conical, bright red striped, tender, juicy, 

and rich ; very productive. October. 
Jersey Sweet — size medium, greenish yellow, striped with red, tender, 

juicy and sweet ; a profuse bearer, good for table and cooking. Sept. 
Maiden's Blush — large, flat, pale yellow with a red cheek, handsome, 

tender and pleasant ; good bearer. September. 
Munson Sweet — large, pale yellow, with a red cheek, tender, juicy and 

good ; very productive. November and December. 
Northern Sweeting (Northern Golden Sweeting) medium size, roundish 

conical, bright yellow, flesh white, tender, juicy, rich and excellent. 

November and December. 
Porter — size medium to large, oblong, yellow, flesh tender and of excellent 

flavor. September. 
Pomme Royal (Dyer) — large, roundish, pile yellow, tinged with brown 

next the sun, crisp, juicy and high flavored ; an excellent variety. 

September and October. 
Pumpkin Sweet (Pumpkin Russet) — very large, round, yellowish russet, 

very sweot and rich. October and November. 
Rambo — medium size, streaked and mottled with red and yellow, very 

tender, juicy, mild flavored, and productive ; a valuable vaviet}'. 

October and November. 
Roberson's White— medium, oblong, flattened at both ends, green with 

dark dots, crisp, juicy, aromatic, subacid. October to December. 
Smokehouse — very large, roundish, yellow striped, good quality, and pro- 
ductive. November and December. 

6 John Saul's 

Spice Sweet — large, yellow, with a blush on cheek, tender, sweet and 
fine ; an abundant bearer. November and December. 

Vestal— large, round, greenish yellow, striped, juicy, sweet and rich. 
September to November. 

Class Third — Winter Apples. 

Albemarle or Mountain Pippin, medium size, roundish, yellow with red 

cheek, juicy, crisp and tender. November to IMay. 
American Pippin (Grindstone) — medium, roundish, dull red in patches 

and stripes, flesh white, firm, juicy with brisk acid flavor. Keeps 

till June. 
Baldwin — larre. bright red. cri>p, juicy and rich; a celebrated Northern 

apple, December to March. 
BelJflo^ver (Bellefieur) — large, yellow, slightly tinged with red, on the 

sunny side, flesh crisp, juicy, and aromatic flavor; productive. Nov. 

to April. 
Belmont (Gate) — large, pale yellow, with bright blush, tender, rich and 

high flavored. November to February. 
Ben Davis — large, roundish, yellow ground, splashed and marbled with 

bright red, tender, juicy, mild subacid, pleasant flavor winter and 

Bonum — large, oblate, color light to dark red, flesh yellow, subacid, rich 

and delicious ; a good early winter apple. 
Brookes' I^'ppin — large, roundish, inclining to conical, greenish yellow, 

with a faint blush, flesh crisp, juicy, aromatic ; excellent. November 

to March. 
Cannon Pearmain — medium, roundish conical, yellow striped and marbled 

with red, flesh yellowish, firm, with a rich pleasant vinous flavor. 

December to June. 
Catlin — medium, oblate, yellow, bright red cheek, with stripes, tender, 

rich, juicy and sweet; an abundant bearer. October to December. 
Danver's Winter Sweet — medium size, greenish yellow, with a brownish 

cheek, tender, rich, and sweet; productive. November to March. 
Dominie — large, flat, greenish yellow with stripes and splashes of bright 

red in the sun: tender juicy, sprightly pleasant flavor; good bearer. 

December to April. 
Dutch Mignonne — very large, orange yellow, with faint streaks of red, 

juicy, rich fine flavor; excellent bearer. November to March. 
Equineteley — large, red, dotted with small white dots, rich, juicy, and 

high flavored ; an excellent fruit. November to December. 
Fallawatei — very large, globular, yellowish green, shaded with dull red, 

tender, juicy, crisp, pleasant, subacid flavor. November to February. 
Green Crank (Greenskin)— medium to large, oblate, greenish yellow, 

tender with a sweet, rich, vinous flavor November to February. 
Grimes' Golden Pippin — size medium to large, yellow of the highest 

flavor, very productive; an excellent apple. 
Hall's Red (Hall)— small, oblate, shaded with crimson, with various colored 

dots, flesh yellowish, juicy, with a very rich vinous, saccharine flavor. 

December to April. 
Hollady's Seedling— medium, oblate, yellow, with a faint blush sprinkled 

with grey dots, tender, rich, aromatic. November to March. 
King (of Tompkin's Co.) — large, globular, yellowish, shaded with red, 

striped and splashed with crimson, tender, juicy, rich vinous flavor, 

aromatic December to March. 
Lady Apple (Pomme d'Api)— quite small, flat, pale yellow, with bright 
red cheek, flesh crisp, juicy and pleasant; a very beatiful little dessert 
fruit. November to May. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. T 

Large Striped Winter Pearmain— large, roundish, yellow, striped, splash- 
ed and shaded with crimson, flesh yellow, tender, juicy and crisp. 

October to January. 
Limbertwig— large, roundish, oblate, greenish yellow, shaded and striped 

with dull crimson, tender, juicy, with a brisk subacid flavor; a regular 

and ?ood bearer. January to April. 
Loudon Pippin— large, oblate, light yellow, sprinkled with greyish dots, 

flesh tender, juicy, rich subacid. December to January. 
Mead's Keeper — medium size, flesh tender, juicy, with abrisk subacid 

flavor; esteemed in Virginia, as one of their best and longest keepers. 

December to June. 
Melon (Norton's) — large, whitish yellow, shaded with bright crimson on 

the sunny side, flesh white, tender, juicy, and rich; a good bearer. 

October to March. 
Milam— medium, roundish, greenish, shaded and striped with red, flesh 

firm, pleasant, subacid. December to March. 
Monmouth Pippin — large, greenish yellow, with a fine red cheek, tender, 

juicy, rich ; very productive. February to April. 
Minister — large, oblong, yellowish ground, striped and splashed near the 

stalk, with bright red, flesh white, tender, subacid flavor. October 

to February. 
Mother — large, deep red on yellow ground, very tender, rich and high 

flavored. November to January. 
Nickaiack — large, round, skin yellowish, shaded, striped and splashed 

with crinij^on, flesh yellow, tender, crisp, juicy and rich ; prolific 

bearer. November to April. 
Northern Spy— very large, striped, covered on the sunny side with deep 

crimson, and covered with a fine bloom, flesh juicy, rich, highly 

aromatic; a good keeper. December to June. 
Newtown Pippin, Green — meilium size, roundish, olive green, with a dull 

brownish blush, flesh greenish white, very juicy, crisp, with a flne 

aroma; the most celebrated of all American apples. Nov. to June. 
Newtown Pippin, Yellow — medium size, roundish, yellow, with a lively 

red cheek, flesh firm, juicy, crisp, with a very rich and high flavor. 

November to June. 
Oglesby — large, greenish yellow, juicy, crisp and good; a great bearer ; 

keeps well. 
Paradise Winter Sweet — very large, yellow and red striped; a profuse 

bearer; beautiful. December to March. 
Pryor's Red [Big Hill)— medium, somewhat globular, greenish j-ellow, 

shaded with red, and striped with dark crimson, tender, juicy, subacid 

flavor; a valuable Southern fruit. January to March. 
Rawles' Jannet (Rock Rimmon or Never Fail) medium to large, yellow, 

striped with red, tender, jnicy, crisp, vinous flavor; a profuse bearer; 

a good Southern apple. February to June. 
Rhode Island Greening — large, roundish, pale green, flesh yellow, tender, 

crisp, subacid juice ; a popular apple. March to April. 
Rome Beauty — l^rge, roundish, yellow, shaded and striped with b -ight 

red, flesh yellowish, tender, juicy, subacid. October to Decemb r. 
Russet, American Golden (or Bullock's Pippin) — medium size, dull russet, 

tinged with red on sunny side, flesh crisp, juicy, and high flavored ; 

good bearer. November to April. 
Rasset, Roxbury or Boston— medium to large, greenish covered with 

russet, rough, flesh greenish white, moderately juicy, subacid flavor. 

January to June. 
Smith's Cider — large, red and yellow, tender, juicy, crisp, subacid; hand- 
some and very productive. November to February. 
Spitzenburg Esopus — large, dark red, delicately coated with bloom, flesh 

yellow, crisp, rich, juicy, delicious; an abundant bearer; excellent. 

December to February 

8 John Saul's 

Swaar — large, lemon yellow, with dark dots, flesh tender, rich, juicy; 

excellent. November to May. 
Tallman's Sweeting — medium size, pale yellow, tinged with red, flesh firm, 

rich and very sweet. November to April. 
Tewksberry Winter Blush — small, yellow, with a red cheek, flesh firm, 

juicy, and high flavor ; long keeper. January to July. 
Twenty-Ounce — a very large, showy, striped apple of medium flavor; an 

excellent market fruit. 
Yaniervere — size medium, yellow, striped with red, with deep crimson 

cheek, flesh yellow, juicy, crisp, and fine. October to March. 
Wagner — size medium to large, bright red in the sun, flesh firm, subacid; 

excellent; very productive. December to May. 
Wellford's Yellow — rather small, roundish, pale yellow, with faint red 

streaks, flesh yellow, very juicy, aromatic flavor. January to June. 
Wine Apple — medium to large, nearly round, deep red on a yellow ground, 

flesh yellowish white, juicy, crisp ; an abundant bearer. October to 

Wine Sap— large, roundish, deep red, with a few streaks, flesh yellow, 

flrm, crisp, and rich ; a profuse bearer, and valuable in the South. 

November to May. 
York Imperial — large, oblate, whitish shaded with crimson, flesh yellowish 

crisp, fine flavor. March to April. 

Class Fourth — Cider Apples. 

Hewes' Virginia Crab— quite small, dull red, dotted with white specks, 
esteemed for cider in Virginia and other Southern States; a pro- 
digious bearer. November to June. 

Waugh's Crab — large, bright red, flesh firm, juicy, acid; in spring is an 
excellent eating apple. January to June. 

Class Fifth — Apples for Ornament or Preserving. 

Golden Beauty — size medium, yellow with a red cheek. 

Red Siberian Crab — small, about an inch in diameter, yellow with crim- 
son cheek. September to November. 

Large Bed Siberian Crab — larger than the above, similar in quality and 
appearance. September to November. 

Yellow Siberian Crab— nearly as large as the last, of a rich amber or gold- 
en yellow color. 

Hampton's Siberian Crab — fruit large for a Siberian Crab, deep rich crim- 
son, blotched and lightly striped. 

Hyslop's Crab — one of the largest in this class, deep crimson, with bloom 
very showy. 

Transcendent Crab — good size, bright red, very showy and handsome ; 
very popular variety. 

Cherry Crab — fruit small, light yellow spotted and shaded with red, hangs 

Currant Crab— fruit small, borne in clusters like currants, light red slight- 
ly striped with deep red. 

Sweet Crab. 

Mains Edulus— new from Japan. 

Additional Varieties of Apples. 

I have here placed several new Southern varieties, together with many 
celebrated Northern sorts, that have not been sufficiently tested in this 
latitude, as well as others suited to certain localities. Doubtless many here 
included will yet be found worthy of a place on the select fist. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 
Summer Apples. 

Cheese Summer, 
Eflu-ar^^'s Earh% 
Early Joe 
Juneating White, 
June Ap)ile of 3Id. 



Holland Pippin. 

Horse (yellow Horse] 

Keswick Codlin. 

Lyman's Large Summ'r Red June. 

Parry's White. [N. Y. 
Summer Bellefleur. of 

ofPa. Iiaeloe. 
Summer Sweet Paradise 

Autumn Apples. 

Alexander, Cathead of Va., 

Autumn Boush, [Parry'.- Oisharoon, 
B.Htchelor's Blush, Eliza's Favorite, 

Bloominsr Orangf^, Evening Party, 

Buckingham or Buff, Fall Cheese. 

Gourd Apple, 
Hawley, or Douse, 

Superb White, 

Drop d'or, Cloth of Gold. Favorite. or Fall Queen, Spice Sweet, 
Cooper, Gloria Mundi, [of Tenn. Smoke House Sweet, 

Tuscaloosa Seedling, White Doctor. 


Autumn Pearmain, Win 
[ter Pearm., Amer, 
Bailey Sweet, or Patter- 
[son's Sweet, 
Belle Pree, 
Cornell's Fancy, 
Duncannon of Pa., 
French Pippin, 

Winter Apple, 

Glebe Beauty. ^ 

Hubbardston Xonsuch, 



James Piiver, 


Lndies Sweeting, 




Michael Henry Pippin, 

Never F;nl of Ya., 

Oconee Greening, 

Peck's Pleasant,^ 



Red Streak,, 

Reinette du Canada, 

Red Canada, 

Roman Stem, 

Russet, Long Island, 

Sheepnose, [field 

Seek no Further, West- 

Spitzenburg, Newtown, 

Saul's Seedling, 

Saul's Washington, 


Y'inter Pearm 'nEnghsh 

Y'inter Cheese, 


The number of varieties of this fruit, both of American and Foreign 
origin, has increa.sed so rapidly within the last few years, that it has be- 
come necessary to limit the kinds cultivated. The following list comprises 
such as have been well tested and proved, any of which the amateur may 
plant without risk of disappointment. 
Those designated by an ^ are of American origin. 
P/'ice— Two and three years, dwarfs, 50 cents each, $30 per 100. 
Extra sized trees, extra prices. 
Standard trees, two and three years, 50 cents each, $35 per 100. 


John Saul's 

iBarileit Pear.} 

Class First — Summer Pears. 

Ananas d'Ete — a large handsome fruit ; ripe about September. 

Bartlett — large, buttery, melting with a tender flesh : aver}' popular vari- 
ety. Tree a vigorous grower, an early and profuse bearer. August 
to September. 

Beurre Gitfard — medium size, melting and very juicy, with a delicious 
flavor ; one of the finest early Pears. July to August. 



Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 11 

*Bloodgood— medium size, melting, buttery and rich ; an excellent Amer- 
ican Pear of first quality ; good grower and abundant bearer. July. 

"^Brandywine — medium s^ize, yellow and russet, melting, buttery and rich, 
a vigorous grower, and productive. August. 

*C)app's Favorite— a new large Pear resembling the Bartlett; pale yellow 
with brown dots ; very productive ; a promising new variety. Aug't. 

^Dearborn's Seedling— below medium size, melting and delicious ; an ex- 
cellent early Pear. July to August., 

Doyenne d'Ete — below medium size, melting, sweet and delicious j abeau- 
tiful early fruit, a vigorous grower and profuse bearer. Beginning of 

Elizabeth (Manning's)— medium size, bright yellow with a red cheek, 
juicy, melting, sprightly, perfumed flavor. July. 

*Hosenshenck — large, bright yellow, flesh tender, juicy, melting. Last 
of July. 

*Kingses&ing (Leech's)— large, greenish yellow, rich, buttery and deli- 
cious ; a vigorous, strong grower. August. 

^Kirtland — medium size, cinnamon russet, melting, sweet and juicy ; a 
vigorous grower and productive ; a seedling from Seckel. August. 

Madeleine (Citron des Carmes)— medium size, yellowish srreen, juicy, 
melting, sweet, perfumed flavor ; one of the finest early Pears ; a vig- 
orous grower and productive. July. 

*Ott's Seedling— sn)all to medium size, yellow, melting, juicy and fine ; a 
seedling from Seckel ; a vigorous grower and free bearer. August. 

''"Osband's Summer— medium size, bright j'ellow, juicy, melting, sugary 
and fine ; good grower and productive. Beginning of August. 

*Pinneo (Boston) — medium size, yellow, with a red cheek, juicy, sweet 
and pleasant ; a vigorous grower and productive. August. 

Rostiezer — niedium size, yellowish green, juicy, sweet and high flavored ; 
a vigorous grower, August. 

Sam Brown— a new Maryland Seedling of the finest quality ; fruit above 
medium, very delicious, vigorous grower and free bearer. Early in 
■^Tyson — above medium size, deep yellow with a crimson cheek, juicy, 
melting, very sugary and aromatic ; a vigorous grower, an excellent 
summer Pear. August. 

Class Second— Select Autumn Pears. 

^Andrews — rather large, pale yellowish green, with a dull red cheek, juicy, 
melting, vinous flavor; a hardy productive variety. ^ September.^ 

Arch Due Charles — large, yellow, melting, juicy and delicious; tree vigor- 
ous grower and good bearer ; beautiful. September. 

Baronne de Mello — medium size, russety, melting, juicy and high flavor- 
ed ; a vigorous grower, productive. End of Sept. and Get. 

fBuffum — medium size, deep yellow, suffused with bright red ; flesh but- 
tery, juicy, sweet and excellent ; tree a very vigorous grower. End 
of September. 

Beurre Bosc — large, russety, very distinct and fine; melting, juicy, high 
flavored and delicious ; a free grower and good bearer. September. 

Beurre d'Anjou (Ne Plus Meuris) — large, greenish, shaded with dull crim- 
son ; melting, juicy, fine vinous flavor ; tree vigorous and productive. 
October and November. 

Beurre Diel— largest size, lemon Yellow, half melting, buttery and deli- 
cious ; a vigorous grower and profuse bearer ; excellent. September 
to October. 

Beurre Langelier — large, greenish yellow with red cheek ; melting, juicy 
and fine ; a free grower and early bearer. December. 


John Saul's 

Beurre Clairgeau — very large pyriforiD, yellow and dull red ; melting, juicy 

and high flavored ; a vigorous, robust grower, and early and good 

bearer. October to November. 
Beurre Grolden of Bilboa — large, golden yellow, buttery, melting, with 

fine vinous flavor ; a vigorous, good grower. _ Sept. and Oct. 
Beurre Hardy — large, flesh buttery, melting, juicy, brisk and vinous ; a 

vigorous grower and profuse bearer. October. 


[DucJiesse d' Angouleme Pear.} 
Beurre Superfin — large size, yellow shaded with crimson ; flesh exceed- 
ingly juicy, buttery, melting, sub-acid flavor ; very fine. September 
and October. 




DescriI'Tive Catalogue of Fruits, Sec. 13 

Beun-e dc Waterloo (Fondante des Charneuse : Due de Brabant ; Desire 
Van Mons. &c.)— large, greeiii-^h. shaded Tvith erimsop ; very juicy, 
buttery, melting, vinous flavor ; vigorous and productive. October 
and November. 

Belle Lucrative (Fondante d'Autnmne)— large, yellow, melting, juicy and 
delicious: an early and abundant bearer ; excellent. September. 

Colmar Van Mons (Surpasse Yirgalieu) — laroe. pale lemon yellow ; flesh 
buttery, juicy, aromatic, delicious ; a good grower and productive. 

Conseiller de la Cour (Marechal dela Cour orDucd'Orleans) — large, yel- 
lowish, suiFused with russet ; flesh buttery, juicy, melting ; vigorous 
and productive. October. 

*Dana's Hovey— fruit small but of finest quality, gpod keeper. Nov. 

■^Dix — large size, fine deep yellow ; juicy, rich, melting and delicious ; very 
hardy, but a tardy bearer. October. 

Duchesse d'An?ouleme Pitmaston — a beauaful new English pear, raised 
between Duchesse d' Angouieme and Glout Morceau ; flavor delicious ; 
has been grown to the weight of 19 ounces in England ;. proved here 
most productive. 

Duchesse dWngouleme — fruit of the largest size, yellow ; flesh buttery, 
juicy, rich and excellent ; the finest of all large pears: succeeds admi- 
rably on quince. September. 

Duchesse d" Orleans — large, yellowish green ; juicy, melting, and fine fla- 
vored : bears abundantly and young^ September. 

Doyenne du Comice— large yellow, with crimson and fawn cheek, and 
russet dots; melting, rich, perfumed and luscious. Occober. 

Doyenne Boussock— large size, deep yellow : flesh buttery, juicy, melting, 
sweet and excellent ; very productive. September. 

Doyenne Gray — large, pale yellow, covered with cinnamon russet; flesh 
very buttery, melting, rich and delicious. September. 

Doyenne White — large, clear pale yellow ; flesh very buttery, melting, rich 
and delicious; tree hardy, a vigorous grower and good bearer. Sept. 

Doyenne Piobin— medium to large, pale yellow ; melting, juicy and fine ; 
vigorous grower and abundant bearer. September. 

Emile dHeyst — large pyramidal, orange yellow, russet; very productive. 
October to November. 

Edmund's— very large, lemon yellow, fine flavor, vigorous and productive. 

Flemish Beauty — very large, pale yellow with reddi>h brown cheek ; flush 
juicy, melting, very saccharine and rk-h ; tree vigorous, and profuse 
bearer ; excellent. September and October. 
. *Fulton — medium size, covered with dark cinnamon russet ; flesh buttery, 
juicy, agreeable flavor; tree very hardy, an early and profuse bearer. 

■^General Taylor — medium, skin cinnamon russet ; flesh buttery, melting, 
flavor as high as the Seckel. October. 

Henry the IV — medium size, pale greenish yellow ; flesh juicy, melting, 
with a rich delicious flavor ; a robust grower and profuse bearer. 

*Heathcot— medium size, pale greenish yellow; flesh buttery, melting, 
juicy ; hardy and productive. September 

^Howell — large, light waxen yellow ; fle.-h melting, sweet and rich ; a vig- 
orous grower and proluse bearer ; one of the best native pears. Sep- 
tember and October. 

Jalousie de Fontenay Vendee — medium to large, dull yellow and green, 
with a red cheek ; flesh buttery, melting, juicy and rich. Sept. 

Louise Bonne de Jersey — large, yellow with a dark red cheek , juicy, 
melting, buttery, and excellent flavor ; a very vigorous, erect grower, 
and profuse bearer ; one of the finest pears. September. 

14 John Saul's 

Nouveau Poiteau — large, greenish yellow ; flesh juicy, melting and rich ; 
tree an exceedingly vigorous, erect grower, and an abundant bearer. 

^Onondaga (Swan's Orange) — very large, yellow dotted with russet ; flesh 
buttery, melting, high flavored; tree hardy, vigorous and productive. 

*Oswego Beurre— medium size, fine yellow ; flesh buttery, juicy, melting, 
vinous flavor ; hardy and good bearer. October to December. 

Paradise d'Automne — large, yellow mottled with cinnamon russet ; flesh 
juicy, melting, rich and high flavored: a good bearer. October. 

*Pratt — large, lemon yellow; juicy, sweet and good ; tree a free grower, 
and prolific. September. 

*Seckel — small v^ize, yellowish brown with a red cheek ; flesh buttery, 
juicy, melting, with a rich aroma; the richest and most exquisite fla- 
vored pear known ; tree a stout, erect grower, a regular and abundant 
bearer. September 

^Sheldon — large, round, russet and red, flpsh juicy, melting and delicious ; 
a vigorous grower, and productive. October. 

St. Ghislain — medium size, pale yellow ; flesh buttery, juicy and rich ; 
tree a very rapid, upright grower, and prolific. August to Sept. 

St. Michael Arehanore — large, yellow and red; flesh melting, July and 
rich ; tree a stout, erect grower. October. 

Steven's Genesee — large, roundish, yellow; flesh melting, buttery and 
good ; vigorous grower and abundant bearer. September and Oct. 

Urbaniste — large size, pale yellow; flesh buttery, melting, rich and deli- 
cious; tree a compact, handsome grower. October. 

Class Third — Select Winter Pears. 

Beurre Easter — large size, yellow with a red cheek; flesh juicy, melting 
and rich ; a vigorous grower and profuse bearer ; the best keeping ta- 
ble pear. 

Beurre Gris d'Hiver Nouveau— larsre, golden russet; flesh juicy, buttery 
and melting:; a good bearer. January to February. 

Bergamotte d'Esperen — medium size, green russety ; flesh juicy, buttery, 
sweet and rich ; tree vigorous and a good bearer. Dec. to Feb. 

.^Columbia — large, fine golden yellow ; flesh melting, juicy, sweet flavor; 
tree a free grower and abundant bearer. December and January. 

Doyenne d'Hiver d'Alencon, or Nouveau — medium, yellow shaded with 
crimson ; flesh buttery, juicy, very rich and sprightly; a good bearer. 
December to April. 

Doyenne Sieulle — medium size, greenish yellow ; flesh buttery, juicy, with 
a rich vinous flavor ; tree a vigorous grower and profuse bearer. De- 
cember to January. 

Fondante de Noel (Belle Apres Noel) — medium to large, yellow with a 
warm cheek ; flesh juicy and melting. December and January. 

Glout Morceau — large, greenish yellow ; flesh buttery, melting and rich ; 
tree vigorous, forming a beautiful pyramid on quince. December. 

Josephine de Malines— medium size, yellowish; fle>h buttery, juicy and 
rich; tree vigorous and productive. October to November. 

Lawrence — medium, fine lemon yellow ; flesh buttery, with rich aromatic 
flavor ; unsurpassed among winter pears ; growth moderate ; an early 
and abundant bearer. November to December. 

St. Germain (Prince's) — medium size, brownish russet ; flesh juicy, melt- 
ing, with vinous flavor ; tree more hardy than the preceding. No- 
vember to March. 

Uvedale's St. Germain — enormously large, yellow with a red cheek ; tree 
very vigorous, and an abundant bearer. May. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 15 

- ^ Vicar of Winkfield, or Le Cure— very large oblong, pale yellow ; flesh 
juicy, sometimes buttery, with sprightly flavor ; tree exceedingly vig- 
orous and productive. November to January. 

^Winter Nelis— medium size, yellowish green; flesh buttery, juicy, melt- 
ing, and sprightly flavor; a straggling grower, hardy and productive. 
November to January. 

Additional List of Pears. 

In this class are many new varieties of great promise, several of which, 
after a more lengthened trial, will find a place in the select list, whilst 
many older sorts are adapted for particular localities. 

Summer Pears. 

"Beau Present d'Artoise,DuchessedeBerryd'Ete,Reine des Precoces, 
*ChuVch, Julienne, Souvenir du Congres, 

*Canandaigua,Catherine*Moyamensing, Summer Franc Real, 

^Democrat, Peach Pear, ^Washington, 

Autumn Pears. 

■^America (Dana), Delicesd'Hardenpont of *Meriam, - - 

■^Augusta (Dana), Belgium, Melon de Nancy, 

■^Excelsior (Dana), Doyenne Dillen, ^Moun'" Vernon, 

Bergin, ^ Doyenne Downing, *MonongaheIa, 

Beurfe Bachelier, Doctor Reeder, - — *Parsonage, 

Beurre d'Amanlis, Due de Nemours, ^Pennsylvania, 

Beurre Robin of Lange- Due d' Orleans, ^Philadelphia, 

lier, — Duchesse d'Angouleme Pio 9th, 

Beurre Goubault, Panache, — ---^Richard, 

Beurre de Nantes, Edward's, Sucree de Mantlucon, 

Bezi de Montigny, Figue de Naples, - ^Stockett, 

Bergamotte Cadette, - - Fundante de Malines, *Springtield, 
Bonne d'Ezee, Forelle, or Trout, St. Andre, 

•^Chancellor, Frederic of WurtemburgSerruriar (Fondante de 

Colmar d' Automne No- General Totleben, Millot,) - 

veau, . *Hull, - *Taylor, 

Comte de Flandre, Hoye3^ ^ Triomphe de Jodoigne, 

Comte de Lamy, Knight's Seedling (from Van Assche, 

DesNonnes, _ R.I.,) *\Valker, 

Delices des Jodoigne, Laure de Glymes, *\Villiamson, — 

Delicesd'Hardenpont of Marie Louisa, Zephirin Gregoire. 


Winter Pears. 

Beurre d'Aremberg, Catillac (for stewing,) , Suzette de Bavay, 

Beurre Berckman's, Doyenne Goubault, / Reading, 
Beurre Brettoneau, - — Figue d'Alencon, ' Leon le Clerc de Laval, 

Beurre Langelier, Prince Albert, (for j^tewing, ) 

Beurre Ranee, St. Germain, Verulem, or Spring 

-Beurre Sterckmans, fet. Germain de Pippin, Beurre, (for stewing.) 

Duchesse de Bordeaux, St. Germain (Brandt's,) 


John Saul's 

[Black Tar!arian Cherry. '\ 

The Cherry likes a light, dry, gravelly snl, on which few other fruit 
trees would succeed. Standard trees are admirably adapted for shade 
in gardens or yards, where, at all stages of growth, they are exceedingly 
beautiful. Dwarf trees, branched Irom the ground, are the most suitable 
for the fruit garden. 

Pnce— Standard trees (on Mazzard Stocks,) 30 to 50 cents'eacli. 
Dwarf trees (on Mahaleb Stocks,) 30 to 50 cents each. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &o. 17 

Class First— Heart Cherries. 

Yarieties marked with an "^ are of American origin. 

*American Amber— medium size, amber color ; flesh tender, juicy, sweet 
and delicate. Beginning of June. 

Belle d" Orleans— large, pale red and white; flesh tender, sweet and deli- 
cious ; the best early cherry. Beginning of June._ 

Black Eagle— large size, black ; flesh tender, juicy, rich and sweet; an 
abundant bearer. End of June. 

Black Heart — medium size, black, tender, sweet and rich ; tree a vigorous 
grower and profuse bearer. End of June. 

Black Tartarian — very large, sweet, rich and good ; a beautiful grower and 
profuse bearer ; one of the finest cherries. JVJiddle of June. 

^Champagne (Downing's)— medium size, light red, lively rich flavor; a 
vigorous grower and productive. Middle of June. 

^Coe's Transparent — medium size, pale amber ; melting, tender and juicy ; 
vigorous and productive ; an excellent cherry. Middle of June. 

^Delicate (Kirtlandj — large, amber and red ; juicy, sweet and rich. Mid- 
dle of June. 

Downton— large, pale cream with red cheek ; tender, delicious and rich ; 
a vigorous grower. Middle to end of June. 

*Downer's Late Red — medium to large ; lively red mottled with amber in 
the shade ; tender, melting and sweet ; a free grower and profuse 
bearer. End of June. 

Early Lyons — very large, light red and yellow ; the largest early cherry ; 
ripens after Early Purple Guigne ; juicy and rich ; a beautiful cherry. 

Early Purple Guigne — medium size, purple ; tender, juicy, with a rich, 
sweet flavor ; a vigorous grower and good bearer. End of May. 

Early White Heart — medium size, yellowish, with red cheek ; tender, 
sweet and pleasant. Middle of June. 

Early Strassen — medium size, light red ; juicy, very tender and rich ; a 
very good and distinct early cherry. New. 

"Gov. Wood — large size, light yellow, shaded with bright red ; flesh juicy, 
sweet, rich and delicious ; a vigorous grower, and very prolific. Mid- 
dle of June 

Knight's Early Black — large, black; flesh tender, juicy, rich and excel- 
lent ; tree a good grower and profuse bearer ; ripe after " Early Pur- 
ple Guigne." 

■^Kirtland's 3Iary — large, rich red on a yellow ground ; rich, juicy and 

'■^xMammoth (Kirtland) — very large, yellow marbled with red; flesh juicy, 
sweet and rich ; extremely luxuriant. Middle of June. 

'^Ohio Beauty (Kirtland) — iarge, light ground shaded with red ; hand- 
some, tender and fine ; vigorous and productive. Beginning of June. 

Rivers' Early Amber — medium size ; a variety of " Early White Heart." 

*Sparhawk's Honey — medium size, light red ; juicy, sweet and delicious ; 
tree vigorous grower and profuse bearer. Beginning of Juno. 

White French Guigne — large, creamy white ; flesh tender, juicy and melt- 
ing ; tree vigorous and productive. End of June. 

Class Second— Bigarreau Cherries. 

^American Heart — large size, amber and light red ; half tender ; ex- 
ceedingly productive. End of May. 

Bigarreau Noir Hatif (Early Black Bigarreau)— medium size, jet black ; 
sweet, rich and good ; good grower, and productive. Beginning of 

Bigarreau or Yellow Spanish — large, pale yellow with a red cheek ; flesh 
firm, juicy and delicious ; a beautiful light cherry ; a vigorous grower 
and profuse bearer. Middle of June. 

18 John Saul's 

Bigarreau White (Ox Heart) — largest size, yellowish white marbled with 
red ; flesh half tender and luscious. Beginning of June, 

Buttner's Yellow — medium size, pale yellow ; flesh juicy, sweet and good ; 
a vigorous grower and profuse bearer. End of June. 

"'Black Hawk (Kirtland) — large black ; flesh firm, juicy, rich and sweet; 
tree vigorous and productive. Beginning of June. 

Early Black Bigarreau — large black, rich and good ; better than Knight's j 
a valuable new cherrv. 

^Cleveland Bigarreau (Kirtland) — large, yellow with bright red; flesh 
juicy, sweet and rich ; a very vigorous grower and productive. Mid- 
dle of June. 

Elton (Bigarreau Couleur de Chair) — large, pale yellow with a marbled 
red cheek ; flesh tender, juicy and luscious; tree vigorous and produc- 
tive ; a superb cherry. Beginning of June. 

Frogmore Early Bigarreau — a new early cherry, the earliest of its class ; 
brilliant red cheek dotted with yellow ; tender, juicy, and rich flavor. 

Monstreuse de iMezel, or Great B'garreau — very large, dark brown ; flesh 
firm and juicy ; tree a free grower and productive. End of June. 

Large Black Bigarreau — very large black ; flesh firm, juicy and rich ; one 
of the finest ; new. 

Napoleon Bigarreau (Holland Bigarreau) — largest size, pale yellow with a 
bright red cheek ; flesh firm, juicy, and sweet ; tree very vigorous, and 
great bearer; a very beautiful cherry. Middle of June. 

*Rockport iiigarreau (Kirtland) — large, pale amber with light red cheek ; 
flesh half tender, sweet and rich; tree exceedingly vigorous and fine ; 
Beginning of June. 

Tradescant's Black Heart (Elkhorn) — very large, black, firm, juicy and 
good ; tree very vigorous and productive. End of June. 

Class Third— Duke and Morello Cherries. 

Belle de Choisey — medium size, amber shaded and mottled with red ; 
flesh tender, sweet and rich ; a handsome grower. Beginning of June. 

Belle Magnifique — large, bright red ; flesh juicy, tender, sub-acid flavor; 
tree moderate grower and productive ; a beautiful and excellent late 
cherry. End of June. 

Carnation — large, light red, tender, juicy, sub acid flavor ; tree a free 
grower and abundant bearer. Beginning of July. 

Donna Maria — medium size, dark red, tender, juicy and rich ; tree of mod- 
erate size, very productive. End of June. 

Early Richmond or Montmorency — medium size, bright red ; flesh melt- 
ing, juicy, rich acid flavor ; excellent for cooking. Beginning of June. 

Empress Eugenie — a new variety of May Duke from France ; much lar- 
ger, earlier, and comes into bearing sooner; ripens in this latitude the 
middle of May ; the finest of all early cherries. 

JeflTries Duke — medium size, red, tender, sub acid ; habit of growth very 
distinct. Beginning of June. 

Late Duke — large, rich dark red ; flesh tender, juicy, sub acid ; forms a 
beautiful dwarf. Beginning of July. 

May Duke — large, daik red ; flesh juicy, rich, sub acid, excellent ; a very 
popular cherry in all countries ; excellent. End of May. 

Morello English (Tmpeiial) — laige, dnrk red nearly black ; flesh tender, 
juicy, sub-acid ; ti-ee small with .'lender branches. July 

Plumstone Morello— large, dark red ; flesh tender, juicy, sprightly flavor ; 
tree a slow grower, makes a handsome pyramid ; productive ; very 
valuable. July. 

Heine Hortense (Slonstreuse de Bava^) — large, bright red ; flesh tender, 
juicy, sweet and delicious; tiee v'gorous and prolific; an excellent 
new cherry. End of June. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 19 

Royal Duke — large, dark red : very juicy and agreeable ; tree a good grow- 
er, and prolitic ; succeeds May Duke. 

Vail's August Duke— large, bright red ; flesh tender, sub-acid, rich ; tree 
a vigorous grower and very productive. End of June. 

Additional List of Cherries. 

B' lie Voisiere, Davenport, Noir Precoce de Strass, 

Belle Agathe, De Spa, Osceola (K). 

Bowyer's Early Heart, Early Lamaurie, Powhattan (K), 

Brant (K), Flemish, Pontiac (K), 

Buttner's Oct Morello, Florence, Red Jacket (K), 

Bigarreau Tardif de Hil- Guigne Tres Precoce, Rumsey's Late Morello, 

dersheim, Logan (K), Sweet Montmorency, 

Bigarreau Large Black Late Bigarreau, The Doctor (Kirtland), 

of Savoy, Late Purple Guigne, Tecuraseh (K), 

Bigarreau Gros Couret, Manning's Early Black Werder's Early Black 
Bigarreau Late, Heart, Heart, 

Bigarreau Jaboulay, Manning's Mottled, Waterloo. 


This is a very valuable and useful fruit, both for dessert and culinary 
purposes. In some soils it suffers severely from the attacks of the curcu- 
lio. Injury from this pest may be avoided by a comparatively small 
amount of attention. As soon as the fruit commences setting, the trees 
should be jarred daily, and the insect destroyed. Pursue this until all 
danger of injury is past, and goods crops will follow. 
P/'/ce— Two to three years old, 50 cents each. 
Taose designated by an '^ are of American origin. 
Belle de Louvain- — a large and beautiful plum, purplish red ; flesh yel- 
low ; fine for preserves. 
*Bleeker's Gage— medium to large, roundish oval, yellow; flesh juicy and 

rich ; tree a good grower and prolific. Beginning of August. 
Bradshaw (Large Black Imperial) — very large, dark violet red ; juicy and 

excellent : tree vigorous and productive. 
Brignai's White Gage — fruit large, of first quality ; a vigorous grower. 
Cloth of Gold (Esperen)— medium size, oval, bright yellow ; juicy and 

agreeable ; free stone. Beginning of August. 
Coe's Golden Drop — large, oval, light yellow ; flesh firm, rich and sweet ; 

a very handsome and valuable plum. Beginning of September. 
Coe's Late Red — medium size, round, purplish red ; juicy and agreeable 

free stone. End of September. 
^Columbia — large, roundish purple ; flesh juicy, rich and good ; freestone ; 

tree vigorous, and an abundant bearer. September. 
■'^Donnison's Superb — large, round, yellowish green ; flesh juicy, rich and 

good ; free stone ; tree a free grower, and prolific. Beginning of 

Diamond — enormously large, oval, purple ; unfit to eat uncooked, but one 

of the finest culinary plums known ; vigorous and productive. End 

of August. 
*Duane's Purple — very large, oval, reddish purple ; flesh juicy and sweet : 

tree vigorous and prolitic. End of August. 
Early Bavaj^ — greenish yellow, tinged with purple ; flesh yellow, juicy and 

sweet. August. 
Fellenberg (Quetsche d'ltalie) — medium size, oval, deep purple ; a valu- 
able late plum ; very productive. End of August 
^General Hand— very large yellow, handsome ; tree a free grower and 

very prolific. End of August. 


John Saul's 

Goundoin — very large, oblong, transparent violet color, fine flavor ; a first- 
rate sort. End of July. 

Golden Gage CLawson's) — large oval, yellow ; flesh juicy, melting and 
ricli ; tree vigorous and productive. July. 

[Dwarf Plum.'] 

Goliath (Caledonia) — very large, roundish, purple; flesh juicy, with a 
sprightly flavor ; tree very vigorous and productive. Middle of Aug. 

Green Gage — medium, round, green, juicy and very rich ; a rather slow 
grower. End of July. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 21 

*Huling's Superb— very large, round, yellowish green ; rich, juicy and ex- 
cellent ; free stone ; tree a free grower and prolific. Beginning of 

Imperative, Ickworth— medium size, roundish oval, purple ; rich, juicy 
and excellent ; a good keeper. September. 

^Imperial Gage — large, oval, greenish ; flesh juicy, rich and excellent: 
free stone ; a remarkably free grower, and producdve. Beginning of 

* Jefferson — large, oval, yellow spotted with red ; juicy, rich and delicious ; 
very productive. Beginning of August. 

Kirke's^arfire, roundish-oval, purple ; rich, juicy and excellent. Begin- 
ning of September. 

■^Lawrence's Favorite — large, roundish, yellowish green ; juicy, rich and 
delicious ; very prolific. Beginning of August. 

^Lombard — medium size, oval, violet red ; flesh juicy, rich and good : an 
abundant bearer. Middle of August. 

]Magnum Bonum Yellow— very large, oval, yellow ; excellent for cooking ; 
tree vigorous and productive. Middle of August. 

Magnum Bonum Red — large, oval, violet red ; an excellent cooking plum ; 
tree vigorous and prolific. Middle of August. 

Mamelone — medium size, greenish yellow ; rich, juicy and excellent : 
shape very peculiar, with a neck like a pear ; tree vigorous and pro- 
lific. End of July. 

^McLaughlin — large, round, greenish yellow ; flesh juicy, sweet and lus- 
cious ; vigorous and productive. Middle of August. 

Mitchelson's — medium size, skin black, dotted with fawn colored dots ; 
tender, juicy and sweet. Ead of August. 

*Orange — very large, oval, bronze yellow ; flesh acid ; tree vigorous and 
productive. Beginning of August. 

■^Orleans, Smith's — very large, oval, reddish purple ; flesh firm, juicy and 
rich ; tree a free grower, and productive. ^ August. 

Peach or Prune Peche — large, round, red ; juicy and agreeable ; a hand- 
some plum ; the tree is very delicate. End of August. 

Pond's Seedling or Fonthill — enormously large, oval, bright red ; valua- 
ble for cooking ; a very attractive fruit ; tree very vigorous, and an 
abundant bearer. September. 

"^Purple Favorite — medium size, purple ; flesh juicy, melting and good. 
Beginning of September. 

Prince Englebert — very large and long, deep purple ; rich and excellent. 
Beginning of August. , 

Beine Claude de Bavay (Esperen) — very large, round, greenish yellow ; 
rich^ and juicy ; tree vigorous and prolific ; a beautiful new plum. 
Beginning of September. 

Shropshire Damson — medium size, dark purple ; the finest of Damsons. 

Victoria (Sharp's Emperor) — very large, oval, red ; sweet and juicy ; an 
excellent cooking plum ; tree vigorous and productive. September. 

* Washington — very large, roundish oval ; yellow, juicy, sweet and excel- 
lent ; tree very vigorous and prolific ; one of the finest plums. Be- 
ginning of August. 

Woolaston Black Gage — medium size, round, black ; very juicy, rich and 
sugary ; a free grower and great bearer. End of August. 

^Yelbw Gage (Prince's) —large, oval, .yellow ; juicy, rich and good ; tree 
very vigorous, and a profuse bearer. Beginning of August. 

Additional Varieties of Plums. 

Some of the following are new and untestel; others arj adapted for 
certain latitudes. 


John Sa ul's 

Blae Imperatrice, 
Belle de Septembre, 
Bryanstone Gage, 
Cant' s Late Green G-age, 
*Oruger's Scarlet, 
*Dorr's Seedling, 
Drap D'Or, 
Fine Late Bed, 
Frost Gage, 

■^Gold^n Cherry Plum, 
Guthrie's Aunt Ann, 
Guthrie's Late Green, 
Guthrie's Tay Bank, 

Guthrie's Apricot, 
Gathrie's Topaz, 
Hungarian Prune, 
Large Black Imperial, 
^Manning's Long Blue, 
Miner, Native, 

New Bed Orleans, 

Precoce de Bergthold, 
Precoce de Tours, 
Prince of Wales, 
Purple Gage (Reine 
Claude Violette,) 

Queen Mother, 


Beine Clade d'Octobre, 

^Beagle's Ancient City, 

*Reagle's Gage, 

*Beagle's Union Purple, 

Royal de Tours, 

St. Catherine, 

St. Martin's Quetsche, 

Schenectady Catherine, 

Standard of England, 


Wild Goose, Native, 

Yellow Gage (English.) 


This valuable fruit succeeds as well in this region, as in any part of 
the Union. 

Price— 'iO to 50 cents each. 
Alsace — very large, rich and juicy, of the Moorpark family; the largest 

of that race ; tree robust. 
Blenheim or Shipley— medium size, juicy and excellent; ripens about tea 

days after Moorpark ; tree very hardy. 
Breda — small, round, orange marked with red in the sun, juicy, rich and 

vinous; tree hardy and productive. Middle of July. 
Early Golden (Dubois) — small, pale orange, flesh juicy and sweet; tree 

very hardy and prolific. Beginning of July. 
Hermskirke — large, rich and juicy, very nearly allied to the Moorpark ; 

tree more hardy. 
Kaisba — medium size, juicy, sweet, and agreeable, flesh transparent, 

early orange with a red cheek. 
Large Early — large, orange with a red cheek, flesh juicy, sweet and rich ; 

tree vigorous and prolific. Middle of Julj'. 
Moorpark — largest size, yellow with a red cheek, juicy, rich and excellent ; 

one of the best ; very productive. 
Musch Musch — small, juicy and agreeable, flesh transparent; a very nice 

early apricot. 
Orange — medium size, orange with a red cheek; tree hardy and pro- 
ductive. Middle of July. 
Peach or Gros Peche — very large, rich, juicy and excellent; one of the 

finest apricots. 
Pine Apple (Ananas of the Dutch) a variety of the Large Early; a very 

large and distinct variety; rich and juicy. 
Roj^al — large, rich and juicy, an excellent hardy sort. Middle of August. 
St. Ambroise — large, juicy, and agreeable; ripens a few days after the 

Large Early, and is one of the finest apricots. 
Tardive d'Orleans — large, juicy, and good. Beginning of August. 
Viard — large, rich, juicy, and excellent ; an early variety of the Peach 

apricot ; tree hardy. 


This very delicious fruit is extremely liable to the attacks of the curculio. 
It is nothing more than a variety of Peach with smooth skin. 

Price — 30 to 50 cents each. 
Boston— large, bright yellow, with a red cheek, flesh sweet and rich ; 
freestone. End of September. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 


Downton — large, greenish white with a red cheek, melting, rich and goo 3; 

tree hardy and productive ; excellent ; freestone. 
Balgowan — fruit very large, pale green, mottled with red, bright red on 

sunny side, melting, rich and fine. Beginnins: of August. 
Clermont — medium size, pale green with a dark red cheek, melting sweet 

and good. Beginning of August. 
Elruge — medium size, greenish yellow, with a dark red cheek, melting, 

rich, juicy, and excellent; one of the best. 
Hardwicke Seedling — large, pale green with a red cheek, melting, rich and 

excellent; tree hardy and productive. 
Murray — medium size, melting, rich and good ; tree hardy. 
Pitmaston Orange — large, orange with a bright red cheek, melting, juicy, 

and good ; very proHfic. 
Stan wick — large, deep yellow with a dark red cheek, melting, juicy and 

rich ; a superb variety. 
\^iolette Hative — medium size, melting, juicy, rich and (Excellent. 
Victoria — very large and delicious ; a seedling from Stan wick. 


Peaches succeed to perfection in this region. Here "Yellows" and 
other diseases frum which they suffer in Northern States are unknown. 
The pits from which they are raised, and the stock from which they are 
budded are alike of pristine vigor; a point planters should bear in mini. 

Frice — 25 cents each, or $10 per 100. 

Early York Peach.] 

24 John Saul's 

Class First—Freestones with White Flesh. 

Crockett's Late White — large, oblong, skin greenish white, red in the sun. 

End of September. 
Cooledge's Favorite — large, round, skin white mottled with red, flesh pale, 

juicy and rich; tree vigorous and productive. Middle of August. 
Druid Hill — large, greenish white and red, exceedingly juicy and high 

flavored. End of September. 
Early Grosse Mignonne — large, roundish, greenish yellow mottled with 
red, with a purplish red cheek, flesh melting, juicy and rich. Begin- 
ning of August. 
Early Newington Free — medium to large, white with a red cheek, high 

fl avowed ; ripens immediately after Early York. 
Early Eed, Cole's — me lium size, roundish, nearly covered with red, with 
dark red cheeks, flesh melting, juicy and rich ; tree vigorous and pro- 
ductive. End July. 
Early Red, Troth's— medium size, bright red cheek, flesh red at the stone, 

juicy, sweet and good. End July. 
Early Tillotson— medium to large, white nearly covered with red, flesh 

melting, juicy, rich and excellent. Early in August. 
Early York (Serrate Early York) — medium to large, greenish white, 
covered in the sun with purplish red ; juicy rich and excellent. Be- 
ginning August. 
Fox's Seedling — round, white with a red cheek, melting, juicy, sweet and 

good. Middle of September. 

George the Fourth — large, white with a red cheek, flesh pale, juicy, and 

delicious ; tree vigorous and prolific ; an excellent peach. Middle Aug. 

Grosse Mignonne — large, greenish yellow mottled with red, with purpHsh 

red cheek, flesh melting, juicy and rich ; tree vigorous and prolific. 

Middle of August. 

Hale's Early — medium size, nearly round, skin greenish white, covered 

and mottled with red, juicy, rich, and sweet ; the earliest peach. 
Heath Free — largest size, greenish white with purplish red check, melting, 
juicy, subacid flavor; tree very vigorous and productive. Middle of 
Large Early York — large, white with a red check, flesh juicy, and delicious ; 
tree vigorous and a profuse bearer ; an excellent variety. Middle of 
La Grange — large, greenish white, slightly reddened in the sun, flesh pale, 
juicy, rich and sweet ; a very desirable late peach. Beginning of Oct. 
Late Admirable— very large, roundish, yellowish green with a pale red 

cheek, flesh juicy, melting, and exquisite flavor. Middle of Sept. 
Morris White — medium size, creamy white, tinged with red in the sun, 
flesh juicy and delicious ; tree a good grower and prolific ; excellent 
for preserving. Beginning of Septeml3er. 
Old Mixon Freestone — large, greenish white with a red cheek, flesh pale, 
juicy and rich : tree vigorous and prolific ; an excellent variety. End 
of August. 
President— large, yellowish green with a dull red cheek, flesh juicy, melt- 
ing and rich. Middle of September. 
Rareripe, Late Red — large, greyish yellow, with a dull deep red cheek, 
flesh juicy, melting and rich ; tree vigorous and produc ve ; a beautiful 
and valuable peach. Beginning of September. 
Royal George — medium size, white with a deep red cheek, flesh juicy, 

melting and rich ; very prolific. Middle of August. 
Stump the World — very large, creamy white with a bright red cheek, 

flesh juicy and high flavored ; very productive Middle of Sept. 
Ward's Late Free — large, white with a beautiful crimson cheek, flesh 
juicy, melting, rich and excellent; tree vigorous and productive. Be- 
ginning of October. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 25 

Class Second— Freestones with Yellow Flesh. 

Beer's Smock — lar^re, yellow, vpf}- fine. ; a seedling from Smock's; a very 

valuaVile variety. End of September and 1st ©f October. 
Bergpn's Yellow — large, deep orange with a dark red cbeek, flesh melting, 

juicy, sweet and luscious ; tree vigorous and good bearer. End of 

Columbia — very large, skin yellow, downy and peculiarly marked with 

dull red. flesh juicy, melting, rich and luscious. End of Sept. 
Crawford's Early Melocoton— very large, oblong, yellow with a fine red 

cheek, flesh melting, sweet, rich, and very excellent ; tree vigorous 

and very productive, a splendid and excellent early yellow peach. 

Middle of Aueust. 
Crawford's Late Melocoton— very large, skin yellow with a fine dark red 

cheek, flesh melting, sweet, rich, and excellent ; tree vigorous and 

very fruitful ; a magnificent peach. Middle of Septen)ber. 
Jacques' Rareripe — large, skin dark yellow, shaded with dull red. flesh 

juicy, subacid; vigorous and productive. Beginning of September. 
Harker's Seedling — fruit large, roundish, mostly covered with red, flesh 

sweet and juicy. Beginning of September. ♦ 

Red Cheek Melocoton — large, \'ellow with a red check, flesh iuicy. 

melting, rich and vinous ; tree hardy and very prolific. Middle of 

Reeves' Favorite — large oval, yellow with a fine red cheek, flesh juicy, 

melting and vinous; tree hardy and productive. Beginning of Sept, 
Scott's Nonpareil— large, roundish, deep yellow with a dark red cheek, 

flesh juicy, sweet and rich ; tree vigorous and productive ; a very 

fine peach. Beginning to middle of September. 
Smoc^k's Free — large, orange yellow, mottled with red, flesh moderately 
juicy and rich : tree vigorous and prolific. End of September and 
iDeginning of October. 
Susquehanna — very large, rich yellow with a beautiful red cheek, flesh 
juicy, sweet, rich and vinous ; tree very vigorous and productive ; a 
magnificent large yellow peach. Beginning of September. 
Yellow Rareripe — large, orange yellow with rich red cheek, flesh juicy, 
melting, rich and excellent. Beginning to middle of August. 

Class Third— Clingstones. 

Chinese Cling — large, globular, creamy white, marbled with red, flesh 

juicy, melting, rich and vinous; tree vigorous and productive, Be- 

ginnins: of September. 
Heath Cling — very large, creamy white, with a faint tit\cfe of red in the 

sun ; flesh very tender, juicy, melting, rich and luscious ; a superb 

cling peach. Beeinning of October. 
Large White Cling— large, round, skin white, dotted with red on sunny 

side, flesh juicy, melting, sweet and rich; tree very hardy, vigorous 

and prolific. End of September. 
Late Yellow Alberge (October Yellow, or iVlger's Winter)— medium size, 

orancre yellow, flesh firm, rather juicy and sweet. October. 
Lemon Cling — large, fine yellow, with a dark brownish red cheek, flesh 

firm, vinous, subacid flavor; tree hardy and productive. Middle of 

Magnum Bonum— a magnificent large poach, originated in Virginia; tree 

vigorous and prolific. The largest of all clings. 
Oid Mixon Cling — larce, yellowish white with a bright red ch'^ek, flesh 
juicy, melting, rich and luscious; tree vigorous and prolific; very 

handsome, one of the best clings. Beginning of September. 

26 John Saul's 

Tippecanoe — Yery large, yellow with a fine red cheek, flesh jaicy and 

vinous. Middle of September. 
Washington Cling — medium size, yellowish green tinged with red in the 

sun, fl^esh juicy, tender, melting, and exceedingly luscious. End of 



The following new varieties have been raised by T. Rivers, of England. 
The descriptions are his. The three varieties marked thus * will most 
probably be found the earliest of all peaches; much earlier than Hale's or 
any variety now in cultivation All are first rate fruits. 

Trees, ready autumn of 1871. 
^Early Beatrice— medium size, with a marbled red cheek, flesh melting 

and very juicy ; the earliest Peach known. 
■^Early Louise — medium size, bright red, melting very juicy, and excellent; 

nearly as early as Early Beatrice ; the very finest of early peaches. 
*EarIy Rivers — large, color pale straw, vrith a delicate pink cheek, flesh 

melting, with a rich racy flavor ; this and Early Beatrice and liouise, 

are the finest of early peaches. 
River's Early York Peach — medium size, skin marbled with red, flesh 

melting and juicy; very delicious. * 
Early Leopold— a seedling from Early York, shape compressed, flattened, 

flesh melting and very rich, size of Early Louise. 
Stanwick Early York Peach — medium size, bright crimson color ; the 

most delicious of peaches, raised between Stanwick Nectarine, and 

Early York Peach. 
Early Alfred Peach — above medium size, melting rich and juicy ; a most 

delicious early peach. 
Early Victoria — a seedling from Early York ; same season. 
Prince of Wales — very large, color deep crimson, melting, rich and excel- 
lent ; a very flne peach. September. 


Carpenter's Rireripe, Moore's Red Rareripe^ Red Rareripe, (Early 
Cambridge Belle, (Large Red Rareripe,) Red Rareripe,) 

Chancellor. Early Admirable, Reine des Verges, 

Hative de Ferriers, Early Red, Haines', Scarlet Admirable, 

Inceps' Rarerioe, Early Red, Scott's, Snow, 

Incomparable Free, Early Sieboldt's, Suhamstead, 

Keyser's Seedling, Favorite, Sfrawberry (Early Rose,) 

Mountain Rose, Gorgas White Irapeiial, 

Malta, Pucilla de Malines. Van Z^ntes' Superb, 

Madeline de Courson, Royal Kensington, 

Freestone with Yellow Flesh. 

Alberge Yellow, Kirby's Favorite, Salwyy, 

Eliza, Van Buren's Gol. Dwf. 


Old Newington, Potomac Heath, Rodman's Cling, 


Price — 25 to 50 cents each. 
Apple or Orange — large, roundish, color golden yellow; very productive. 

Angers — fruit large ; a vigorous strong grower. 
Portugal — fruit very large, oblong, fruit lighter in color than the apple ; 

tree vigorous and luxuriant. 
Rea's Mammoth — very large and fine, a variety of the orange. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 2t 


Price — 50 cents each. 
Black Ischia — medium .size, deep purple, sweet and rich. 
Brown Ischia — luedium size, rich and excellent 

Brown Turkey or l^ee's Perpetual — brownish purple, large, rich and ex- 
Brunswick — brownish purple, very large and good. 
Bourgasotte Grise — medium size, very rich and good. 
B!ue Isehia — medium size, blui.-h purple, rich and good. 
Blue Marseilles — bluish purple, rich and good. 
Castle Kennedy or Marseilles — very large, early and good. 
Grosse Verte — very large, pale green, rich and excellent. 
White Marseilles— large, greenish white, flesh white, sweet and li 



Price — 2.5 to 50 cents ej^h, (save where priced.) 
Adirondac — bunch largre. berries large, tender and sweet, color, black ; a 

delicious grape. Middle August. 
Alvey — bunch medium, berries small to medium, sprightly, vinous ; ripens 

with Isabella. 
Agawam (Rogers 15) — bunches large, berries very large, dark amber, 

pulp crisp, sprightly and sweet. September. 
Black Hawk — a seedling from Concord ; extremely vigorous ; said to be an 

improvement on its parent in every way. 
Clinton — bunches small and compact, berries small, round, black, and 

juicy ; makes a good wine ; vigorous, hardy and productive. 
Catawba — bunch large, berries large, round .slightly oval, deep red, flesh 

juicy, sweet and rich ; whenever this fine old variety succeeds it has 

no .superior ; unreliable. 
Concord — bunches large, shouldered, black, berries large, round, black. 

juicy, sweet and pleasant ; vine very hardy, robust, vigorous and pro- 
lific, succeeds over a large portion of the Union; never mildews, 

Beginning September. 
Crevelinjr — bunch larire,, berries large, black ; ripens nearly as early 

as Hartford Prolific. 
Delaware — bunch small, berries small, round, ."--kin thin, light red or flesh 

color, flavor, sweet, vinous, aromatic, fally equal to the best foreign sorts; 

vines slender when young, but with age free and vigorous in growth, 

very hardy and productive. Middle of August. 
Diana — bunch large and compact, berries large, round, catawba color, 

juicy, sweet and rich; vigorous grower. Middle September. 
Eumelan — bunch of good size, compact . •-shouldered, berries medium, nearly 

round, deep purple or black, flesh tender, melting sweet and vinous. 

50 cents to si each. 
Hartford Prolific — bunch large, shouldered and compact berries, large, 

round, black, flesh juicy and rich; vine vigorous and productive. 

Middle August. 
Herbemont (Herbemont's Madeira) — bunch very large, shoulderd and 

compact, Vjerries below medium, round, dark blue, skin thin, juicy, 

sweet ^nd rich ; vigorous and productive. 
Ives' Seedling — bunch medium, compact, shouldered, berriesabove medium, 

black, roundish oval, flesh with some pulp, juicy and sweet; very 

vigorous, productive, and free from mildew ; a fine wine grape, 
lona— a seedling from Catawba of first quality, but unreliable in many 

sections like its parent; color red. 
Israella — bunch medium to large, shouldered, compact, berries large, 

slightly oval, black, tender, juicy and sweet. September. 


John Saul's 

Isabella — bunches long, large, loose, berries large oval, black, juicy and 

sweet ; vigorous and productive. 
Martha — bunch medium, should'^red, berries large, greenish yellow, with 

a bloom ; quality better than Concord from which it has been raised ; 

a fine hardy white grape. 50 cents to $1 each. 

{Delaware Grape.} 

Maxatawney— bunches medium, shouldered, compact, berries large, oval 
white, juicy and delicious; vine hardy, vigorous and productive; a 
very fine white grape. 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 29 

Merrimac (Rogers' Xo. 19) — bunch large, compact, berries large, dark 

purple, flesh tender, juicy and sweet. 
Norton's Mrginia — bunches long, loose, berries small ; no pulp, vinous 

vigorous and productive ; one of the finest wine grapes. 
Rebecca — bunch medium compact, berries above medium, oval, amber 

color, flesh juicy, sweet and delicious ; a slender grower and profuse 

Salem (Rogers' 22) — bunch large and compact, berries large, round, light 
^ chesnut color, flesh tender, juicy and rich ; ripens just after Delaware. 
Union Village or Ontario — bunch very large, berries very large, round, 

black, flesh juicy, sweet and luscious ; a large showy black grape. 
Walter — bunch medium, shouldered, moderately compact, berries medium 

light red, flesh juicy and sweet. 
"Wilder (Rogers' Mo. 4) — bunch large and compact, berries very large, 

deep blue black, flesh tender, juicy and sweet. First September. 

Additional List of Hardy Native Grapes. 

Allen's Hj'brid, Diana Hamburgli, Xorthern Muscadine, 

Aughwick (new) 75 cts Elsinburgh of Georgia, Oporto, 

Anna, ^ Franklin, Parple Favorite of Ga, 

Arnold's Autuchon (No. Framingham, Rentz, 

5) new, ^ Golden Clinton (King,) Scupperuong, 
Arnold's Brant (No. 8) Harris or Old House of Underbill's Seedling, 

new, Ga, Rogers' No. 1, Goethe, 

Arnold's Canada (No.lG) Hyde's Eliza. '• No. 3. Massasoit, 

new, Jersey Black, (new) " " 9, Lindley, 

Arnold's Cornucopia Lydia, " "41, Essex, 

(No. 2) new, Lenoir (Devereaux,) " " 43, Bslttj, 

Arnold's Othello (No. 1) Long of Georgia, Also the following num- 

new, Logan, bers, 5, 12, 13, 25, 37, 
Bland, Mission Grape (Califor- 33, 34. 

Canby's August or York nia, ) Croton (Underbill,) new, 

^ Madeira, Mottled, Senasqua (Underbill,) 

Christine or Telegraph, 31iles, new, 


Foreign Grapes to be grown satisfactorily in this climate require the 
protection of glass— with this protection and without fire heat, they may 
be grown to perfection, that is in cold vineries. 

Price— 3() cents each $5 per dozen, (save new varieties.) 

Class First— Black and Purple Grapes. 

Black Prince, Burckhardt's Prince, Hamburg, Wilmot's, 

Black 8t. Peters, Cambridge Botanic Gar- Lady Downe's Seedling, 

Black Damascus, den. Lombardy Black or 

Black Morocco or Kemp- Champion Hamburg, West St. Peters, 

sey"s Alicante, Frogmore St. Peter's, Mrs. Pince's Black 3Iu3- 

Black Frontignan, Esperione, cat, (new) 

Black Hamburg, Gnzzley Frontignan, ^ladre^field Court Black 

Black TripoH, Hamburg Richmond Muscat, (new) 

Black Muscat of Alex- Villa, Royal Ascot, (new) 

andria or Muscat Hamburg Victoria, Trentham Black, 

Hamburg, Hamburg Mill Hill, Zinfindal, 



John Saul's 

Bowood Muscat, 
Buckland'sSweetWater, (nsw 

Class Second— White Grapes. 

Foster' sWhite Seedling, Syrian, 

Cannon Hall Muscat, 
Chasselas Musque or St. 

Chasselas Golden, 
Cbarle&worth Toka5^ 
Duchess of Buccleugh, 
Decan's Superb, 
Early White Malvasia, 

Golden Champion 
( i homson's) new, 
Golden Hamburg, 
Prolific Sweet VVater, 
Kojal Muscadine or 
Chasselas de Fontain- 

White Frontignan, 
White Lady Downe's, 
AVhite Muscat of Alexr 

White Street Water, 
White Nice, 
With many other fine 


[Rogers^ Hybrid Grape ] 

Descriptive Catalogl'e of Fruits, &c 




Kittatinnj' — fruit nearly or quite as large as Lawton, and the highest 
flavor; verj' hardy and productive. 20 cents each, SI 00 per dozen, 
$5 00 per 100. 

Lawton or New Kochelle — the largest o^' all. fine flavored. 20 cents each, 
SI (H) per dozen, f^b per 100. 

Missouri 3I;immoth — said to be very large and fiue flavored. 20 cents 
each. -SI 00 per dozen. 

Wil-on's Early — fruit large and very productive : the earliest of all black- 

Sable Qaeen, (new) — said to be very fine; hardy and productive. 

[ Wi'.ftons Early BlackWrrj/.] 


John Saul's 

[La Versaillaise Currant.^ 

The Currant stands pre-eminent among small fruits for its great value. 
Yet perhaps there is no other fruit which has been treated with as much 
neglect; the poorest varieties being generally planted to the exclusion of 
the large finer sorts. 
Black Naples — fruit large and fine ; hardy and productive. 15 cts. each, 

$i 50 per dozen. 
Boulogne Ked — a fine new red currant. 25 cents each. 

Descriptive Catalogue of IJ'ruits, &c. 3?j 

Boulogne White — a new white currant. 25 cents each. 
Caucases — a very large and fine red currant. 25 cents each. 
Champagne— fruit flesh colored, very distinct and desirable. 15 ctF. each. 
$1 50 per dozen. 

(Mierry Red — very large ; one of the largest red currants. 15 cents each 

$1 50 per dozen. 
Cherry White — similar to the last, but white; new. 25 cents each. 
Dana's White — bunch long; a fine new white currant. 25 cents each. 
Fertile de Paluau — fruit large and excellent ; very productive. 20 cents 

each, $1 50 per dozen. 
Fertile d' Angers — fruit very large and fine. 15 cts. each, $1 50 per <loz. 
(jloire de Sablons — fruit striped, very distinct and novel. 15 cents eioh, 

II 50 per dozen, 
(londouin White — fruit large, whitish yellow, sweet; good grower. 20 

cents each, $1 50 per dozen. 
Imperial White — bunch and berry large, sweet and good. 25 cents each. 
Knight's Early Red— the earliest of all reds. 15 cts. each, $1 50 per doz. 
Knight's Large Rtd — fruit very large, red, bunches very long and fine ; 

very productive; one of the finest red currants. 20 cents each, $1 50 

per dozen. 
Knight's Sweet Red — fruit of fair size, light red, less acid than other red 

currants. 15 cents each, $1 50 per dozen. 
La Hative — a very early red currant from France ; excellent. 25 cents 

each, $2 00 per dozen. 
La Versaillaise — berries nearly or quite as large as those of the Cherry 

currant, bunches long, the largest red currant, deep red ; robust grower 

and productive. 20 cents each, .$2 per dozen. 
Long Bunched Red Dutch — berries large, bunches very long, deep red ; 

very productive ; later than Red Dutch; very good. 15 cents each. 

$1 50 per dozen. 
Prince Albert — very large, light red, late in ripening ; productive, similar 

to Victoria. 20 cents each, $1 50 per dozen. 
Red Dutch Short Bunched — berries large, deep red ; this is a sweet, rich 

and good currant. 15 cents each, $1 00 per dozen. 
Red Grape — fruit very large, bunches very long, clear red color : very 

productive. 15 cents each, $1 50 per dozen. 
Transparent White — berries large, amber color, bunches long : a line new 

French currant. 20 cents each, i^l 50 per dozen. 
Victoria (or Raby Castle) berries as large as Red Dutch, 1 rieht red, 

bunches very long, hangs longer than any other currant ; an excellent 

late variety. 15 cents each, |l 50 per dozen. 
White Dutch — berries large, yellowish white, bunches long: much less 

acid than any of the red currants ; very popular ; the best white cur- 
rant. 15 cents each. $1 50 per dozen. 
White Grape — berries very large, bunches long, whitish yellow, sweet and 

S[Ood ; excellent. 15 cents each. !$1 50 per dozen. 

•"^4 John Saul's 


English Gooseberries. 

We grow the finest varieties of red, yellow, white, and green, particularly 
such as are least disposed to mildew in our climate. 
Price— 25 cents, $2 50 per dozen. 

Native Gooseberries. 

iSoiighton SeedMng Gooseberry.] 

Downing's' Seedling — raised from seed by Mr. C. Downing of Newburg, 
N. Y., larger than Houghton's; excellent. 30 cents each, $3 per dozen. 

Houghton's Seedling — medium size, pale red, flesh tender and good, never 
mildews ; vigorous and prolific. 15 cents each, $1 00 per dozen. 

Mountain Seedling — larger than Houghton's, good flavor, never mildews; 
vigorous and productive. 15 cents each, $1 00 per dozen. 

Descriptive CATALorxUE op Fruits, &c. 35 


iPhiladelpMa Raspberry. '[ 

The cultivation of this useful fruit is carried on very extensively in the 
vicinity of our large cities ; it should not however be overlooked in the 
smallest garden. A deep rich soil with liberal manuring suits it. 
Antwerp Red (English) — fruit large, dark red, juicy and rich ; canes strong 

and tall. $1 00 per dozen, $5 00 per 100. 
Antwerp Red (Hudson Hi ver) — fruit large, conical, flesh firm, dull red ; 

cane short and sturdy. $1 00 per dozen, $5 00 per 100. 
Clark — fruit large, light scarlet ; very hardy and productive ; a line new 

raspberry. $1 00 per dozen, $5 00 per 100. 
Duhring — fruit large, dark red ; hardy and productive. $1 00 per doz. 
Davidson's Thornless Black Cap — a variety of black cap; very early and 

productive. $1 00 per dozen. 
Kim City — fruit medium, bright scarlet, very early hardy and ]>roductive; 

a valuable new variety. $1 00 per dozen, '^h per 100. 


John Saul's 

Ellisdale — a new native variety, similar to Purple Cane, fruit large, dark 

red ; very vigorous grower , hardy and productive. $1 00 per doz. 
French — fruit medium, bright scarlet, high flavor ; very early, hardy, and 

productive. $1 00 per dozen, $5 00 per 100. 
Fastolff— fruit very large, purplish red, high flavored ; strong and vigorous. 

$1 00 per dozen, $5 00 per 100. 
Franconia — fruit large, bright red, rich, acid flavor; very vigorous, hardy 

and prolific. $1 00 per doz. 
Hamet — fruit of the largest size, rich, crimson, and of the very highest 

flavor ; very strong. $1 00 per dozen. 
Improved American Black Cap (Doolittle) — a native variety with long 

rambling purplish shoots, berries small black ; rich, acid flavor. 
Mammoth Cluster (McCormick) — a variety of American Black Cap; a 

stronger and more vigorous grower ; very productive, and the largest 

of this family. $1 00 per dozen. 
Naomi — fruit large, bright red, fine flavor ; hardy and productive. 
Northumberland Fillbasket — fruit large, deep red ; rich, vigorous and pro- 
ductive. $1 00 per dozen. 
Orange (Brinckle) — fruit large, orange yellow, fine flavor ; the best of its 

color; hardy and productive. $1 00 per dozen. 
Philadelphia — fruit medium size, dark red, fair quality ; very hardy and 

exceedingly productive. $1 00 per dozen, $5 00 per 100. 
Prosser — fruit large, dark red ; new and highly recommended. 

[Clark Baspberry.] 

Descrfpttte Catalogue of Fruits, <fec. 


Additional List of Raspberries. 

Arnold's Red Canada, Arnold' sYellow Canada, Herstine, (new) 
(new) (new) Saunders, (new) 

Arnold's Orange King. Golden Thornless Cap, Summer Fillbasket. 

(new) Golden Cap. 

Autumn Bearing Raspberries. 

Autumn Black, (Kiver's)Catawissa, Merveille des 4 Saisons, 

Belle de Fontenay. Lum's Everbearing. Ohio Everbearing, 


[iillmore Strawberry.] 


John Saul's 

We grow this valuable fruit quite extensively for market as well as plants, 
and have tested all the new varieties as they appear, native or foreign- 
Those we describe will be found most suitable for this latitude and South. 
Those marked (P) are pistillate, the others have perfect flowers. 

Price — 50 cents per dozen, |1 00 per 100. 

When plants are ordered by the dozen they will be prepaid by mail. 
When fifty or one hundred are ordered, 25 cents additional is required for 
postage. Orders for less than $1 00 worth by mail will not be accepted. 

Class First — Select Native Varieties. 

Agriculturist — fruit very large, flesh quite firm, juicy, rich ; plant vigorous, 

and very productive. 
Albany (Wilson's) — fruit large, deep crimson, with a brisk acid flavor, 

hardy ; vigorous and extremely productive. 



[^Wilson's Albany.'] 

Boyden's No. 30— fruit very large, bright crimson, flesh firm, juicy and 

rich; very vigorous and productive. $1 50 per 100. 
Barnes' Mammoth — fruit very large, crimson, flesh firm, juicy and 

sprightly ; plant vigorous and productive. $1 50 per ipO. 
Chas. Downing— fruit very large, deep scarlet, flesh firm, juicy, sweet and 

rich ; plant very vigorous and productive. 
Fillmore — fruit large, globular, dark red, flesh firm, juicy, sweet and rich; 

plant very vigorous and productive ; one of our standard varieties. 
Hovey's Seedling (P) — fruit large, bright crimson, flesh firm, juicy, sweet, 

and rich ; the best of Pistillate Strawberries, 

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, &c. 39 

Kentucky — fruit large, bright scarlet, flesh firm, juicj^ rich and sweet ; 
said to be a week later than other varieties ; plant vigorous and pro- 
ductive. SI 50 per 100. 

Lennig's Wbite — fruit large, color white, flesh juicy; rich and sweet ; a 
beautiful berry ; moderately productive. 

Nicanor — fruit medium size, bright scarlet, flesh juicy, rich and sweet : 
plant very vigorous and productive. 

Philadelphia (P) — fruit medium to large, bright scarlet, flesh juicy, rich 
and sweet ; plant vigorous and productive ; early and good. 

President Wilder (^Yilder's) — fruit large, bright scarlet, flesh firm, juicy, 
rich and sweet ; plant vigorous and productive. This celebrated 
variety bids fair to be one of the most popular sent out for years. 
$1 00 per dozen. 

Russell's Seedling— very large, bright crimson, juicy, rich and good ; 
rather soft for distant market ; plant vigorous and productive. 

Additional List of Native Strawberries. 

Downer's Prolific, New Jersey Scarlet, Boyden's Mammoth, 50 

Durand's Seedling, Rippowam, cents per doz. 81 50 

French's Seedling, Smith's Buffalo, per 100. 

Golden Seeded, Caywood's Seedling, 50 Harrison, 50 cents per 
Green Prolific, cts. per doz., gl 50 doz. §1 50 per lOo. 

Jenny Lind, per 100. Peak's Emperor, 50 cts. 

Ida, Colfax, 50 cts. per doz., per doz. SI 50 per 100. 
Mead's Seedling, $1 50 per 100. 

Class Second— Select Foreign Varieties. 

'Tucunda — enormously large, bright crimson, flesh firm, juicy, rich and 
sweet ; this is perhaps the largest of strawberries, but liable to burn 
in some soils. 50 cents per dozen, $2 00 per 100. 

Seedling Eliza — fruit very large, bright scarlet, flesh firm, juicy, rich and 
delicious ; plant very vigorous and productive : the finest strawberry 
grown for the Washington market. 

Triomphe de Gand — fruit large, dark crimson, flesh very firm, juicy, rich 
and perfumed ; plant vigorous and productive ; another superb mar- 
ket berry. 

Victpria — very large, light crimson, juicy and sweet ; plant vigorous and 

Vicomtesse Hericart de Thury — fruit above medium, bright scarlet, flesh 
firm, juicy and delicious; moderately productive; the very finest 
Amateur's berry. S2 00 per 100. 

Additional List of Foreign Strawberries. 

Dr. Nicaise, Sir Jos. Paxton, Princess Dagmar, new 

HonneurdelaBelgique, Dr. Hogg, new, Rubens, new 

Marguerite, $1 per doz., Belle de Lyons, new, Triomphe de Paris, new 

Napoleon 3rd, James Veitch, new Lucas, new 


Almonds Sweet, Hard Shell, 50 cents each. 

Do. Soft Shell, 50 cents each. 

Do. Great Fruited, (Macrocarpa), 50 cents each. 

Do. Sultana, 50 cents each. 
Filberts in variety, 50 cents each. 
Mulberry — Downing' s Everbearing, 50 cents each. 

Do. Black English, i?l 00 each. 

Oranges and Lemons — many varieties, (see Catalogues Nos. 3 and 6.) 
Walnut, English or Maderia Nut, 50 cents each. 

40 John Saul's Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, ^c. 

Asparagus Roots Giant, 2 years old, $1 per 100, $8 per 1,000. 
Asparagus, Conover's Colossal. 
Rhubarb Excelsior, new. 

Do. Hawkes' Champagne — deep blood red, 30 cents each. 

Do. McLaen's Early — the earliest blood red, 25 cents each, $2 50 per 

Do. Mitchell's Grey Eagle — large, exquisite flavor, 25 cents each, 

$2 50 per dozen. 
Do. Mitchell's Prince Albert — blood red color, flavor excellent, 25 

cents each, $2 per dozen. 
Do. Myatt's Linnseus — very large and fine, rich flavor, 25 cents each, 

$1 50 per dozen. 
Do. Myatt's Victoria — very large, and excellent sort, 25 cents each, 

$1 50 per dozen. 
Do. Randell's Early Prolific — large, very early ; rich flavor and pro- 
ductive, 25 cents each, $1 50 per dozen. 
Do. Salt's Crimson Perfection — large, rich scarlet, fine flavor, 50 

cents each. 
Do. Turner's Scarlet Nonpariel — large, bright scarlet, rich flavor, 50 

cents each. 
Do. Marshall's Early Scarlet, 50 cents each. 


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